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Truth, by its very own definition establishes an absolute. Either something is true or it is false – a standard by which something can be measured and weighed to determine its status. Absolutes exist everywhere in our life; Hot or cold, good or bad, light or dark.

We know that an absolute cannot create or form itself, it must be set and determined by something or someone and that someone must possess an authority beyond those whom it commands. Else any absolutes they establish would have no dominion. The very existence of truth, and other absolutes, is an indicator that we are created beings and that God does indeed exist.

Our Goal

Our overarching goal is for all men everywhere to come to a knowledge of the absolute truth, through a deeper and more effective understanding of the written word of God, and to obtain a right relationship with God, the Father through Jesus Christ the Son. (1 Tim 2:3-6)

We have chosen to utilize video as our medium to try and get the truth of God to as many souls as possible. It is hard to discount the power of video, in any format, and our desire is that video bible studies can be a great tool for the cause of saving souls. While we do focus primarily on video bible studies, we also have a ready assortment of written articles available.

About Us

We are a group of individuals primarily in Austin, Texas collaborating and with many other men and women of faith, without whom success would not be possible. We lean on the expertise, knowledge and resources of all of these individuals and always our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We truly appreciate your interest in spiritual things and for stopping by on our site. We hope that this site will become a great resource for you and encourage you to use it in anyway that you can.

God bless, thanks for reading.

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