are you ready

Are You Ready for the Return of Jesus?

We tend to prepare a lot when expecting a baby. We will do things like meal prepping, cleaning, preparing a room, the carseat, and buying clothes and other things that the baby will need. But do we have the same expectation when it comes to the return of Jesus Christ?

psalm 146

Psalm 146

There will always be darkness while we are in this world as there always has been. The question we need to ask ourselves is how do we respond to it?

Our Value to God

Our Value to God

Your value can never be measured by the things on this earth that you possess, but rather your value is found in the things that are above and that come from above.

Living Strong

Living Strong

The true meaning behind what "Living Strong" is, is much deeper than just athleticism, overcoming great physical hardships, or beating disease.



Michael Parks brings us a great discussion about the idea of “Safety” as it relates to our current culture but more importantly the true safety which can only be found in God.

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