how do i become more spiritual

How do I become more spiritual?

Have you ever struggled with the question of “how do I become more spiritual?” Many Christians understand that God desires for us to grow spiritually, but how do we actually achieve that? In this article, I will explain the Biblical meaning of “spiritual”, the difference between that and the secular view of spirituality, and practically how we can become more spiritual in our lives.

What does the Bible say about abortion?

Abortion is a divisive topic. That simple truth means that we should take great care to understand the issue and strive to find the truth. We believe that there is an objective truth in life, and that the Bible helps us specifically to understand morality. More to the point, how to decide what is right and wrong. Therefore, as it relates to abortion we ask the question, what does the Bible say?

are you ready

Are You Ready for the Return of Jesus?

We tend to prepare a lot when expecting a baby. We will do things like meal prepping, cleaning, preparing a room, the carseat, and buying clothes and other things that the baby will need. But do we have the same expectation when it comes to the return of Jesus Christ?

The Essential Jesus

The Essential Jesus

This is the difficult truth about Jesus – His exclusivity. Jesus leaves no room for Allah, Vishnu, or ancestral worship. He leaves no room for the Jew to remain Jewish and cling to the Old Testament.

The Truth About the Bible

Is the Bible true?

It’s widely regarded, even by those in the secular realm, that the Bible is the most important, and most significant document in the history of mankind. Why? Brian Mizell walks us through 4 basic facts about the Bible, and the impact that those might have on our examination of scripture.