Baptism Articles

Understanding what baptism is, its purpose, and how it applies to us.

Types of baptism in the Bible

7 Types of Baptism

In this article, we examine the different baptisms of the Bible, and conclude which of these baptisms Paul is referencing as the “one baptism” in Ephesians 4:5.

Water Baptism

Jesus teaches a crowd about baptism

What Did Jesus Say About Baptism?

Examining the things that Jesus said about baptism in the Bible and what it means for us today. If you're interested in baptism, read on!

Jesus' Baptism

Jesus standing in water awaiting baptism

Why was Jesus baptized?

Scriptures show Jesus was the sinless sinless Son of God, and water baptism is an act of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. Why then was Jesus baptized?

ancient rome history

When was Jesus baptized?

The event we examine in this article is the baptism of Jesus. Specifically what we want to know is, when was Jesus baptized?

Where was jesus baptized

Where was Jesus baptized?

Christians regard Jesus' baptism as one of the most significant events in the account of his life. But do we actually know where Jesus was baptized? If so, what does this mean for us?

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