Is the Bible true?

It's widely regarded, even by those in the secular realm, that the Bible is the most important, and most significant document in the history of mankind. Why? Brian Mizell walks us through 4 basic facts about the Bible, and the impact that those might have on our examination of scripture.

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Many people, including atheists, regard the Bible as the most significant document in the history of mankind. But is the Bible true? In this article, we will layout 4 interesting facts about the Bible, and how those facts might impact our examination of scripture.

Manuscript evidence supports the Bible being true.

The Bible has more copies than any document in history.

To answer the question “is the Bible true,” we examine the copying process of the original manuscripts. For example, the New Testament has over 24,000 manuscripts that either support, or are direct copies of the original documents. They are comprised of 5,000 Greek, 10,000 Latin, and 9,000 copies in other languages. This diversity makes the Bible the best documented work in existence. Additionally, the Bible is over 99% accurate. These copies occurred within 100-300 years from the original writings. No other book makes that claim. Even Homer’s Iliad, for instance, cannot compare to these statistics having only 643 copies.

Often we hear the misconception that the Bible is not true because it suffered generations of copies and translations. Given these points, such arguments prove to be invalid. Additionally, it is possible some manuscripts are direct copies from the original writings!

Comparing Other Writings

Is the Bible True? How Does it Compare

By comparing Biblical manuscripts against other historical documents, we find two significant things. First, Biblical writings contain greater quantities of manuscripts. Second, Biblical writings also contain manuscript copies from much earlier dates. The earliest copies of Plato date to approximately 1200 years after his original writings, for example. The Biblical accounts’ copies, by comparison, date to within 100-300 years of the original writings. Even more, it is possible some of the Biblical manuscripts were copies of the original writings. That’s a difference of Biblical proportions! (See what I did there?)

Strangely, no one questions the authenticity of Plato or the writings of other well-known historical authors. If we can accept the accuracy and validity of extra-biblical authors, we can also therefore accept the answer to our question: Is the Bible true?

The Truth About the Bible

Scientific evidence supports Bible truth.

Does science exist in the Bible?

In the video, Brian details two scientific “discoveries” made years after the Biblical writings. These are just two Biblical examples. There are, however, many others. A quick Google search for the Bible verse containing the “life force in the blood” illustrates one of these facts.

If you believe the writing of the Bible occurred by inspiration of man alone, you must answer this question: Why does it precede scientific discoveries? To the believer the answer is clear. That is, that the Bible was not merely written by men. Instead, it was divinely inspired by God. The same God who created science.

The Bible is the most printed document, ever.

Billions of Copies. Yes, Billions.

Why is the Bible in the drawer of most hotel rooms? For what reason do we put copies in the foundation of homes, and in historical landmarks? What drives mankind to translated it into so many different languages? Evidently, it’s a life-changing, mind-altering, paradigm-shifting book, and people recognize that.

The Bible is the most printed document ever. An estimated over 5 billion copies exist world-wide. These numbers aggregate from just 1875 to today (2018). Undoubtedly, mankind knows the contents are important and that it is valuable.

Conclusion, Is the Bible True?

We outlined just 4 reasons why the Bible is authoritative and taken serious. With further study and analysis you will uncover the truth about the historical document, written by so many authors over such a long period of time.

If you have more questions about the Bible and its validity, read our article covering the topic of archaeology or the trustworthiness of the New Testament. Likewise, if you have more questions about Christianity or need spiritual counseling please contact us!

Free Infographic

We have boiled these points into an easy-to-read infographic which serves as a great tool to send to your friends and family questioning the origins and historicity of the Bible.

Is the Bible True Free Infographic

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